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Jittery Jack

It was March 25th, 1959 in Boston, MA. Jittery Jack and his swingin' band of rockabilly ne'er do wells were laying 

down their hip new album in their own studio, when there was a sudden loud noise like a lightning crack! Then the studio shook and the power went out. 

The studio went pitch black and 30 seconds later the lights and amps came back on and the studio was back to normal. The band went outside to see what happened and were shocked by the world they were witnessing. People were walking around with what appeared to be tiny television sets in their hands, the cars looked like spaceships, and people had white masks on their faces. The guitarist of the band, "Miss Amy", grabbed a newspaper off the stand. The date on the paper was "March 25th, 2020"

and apparently there was some sort of virus sweeping the land. She said "Oh shit, I think we're in the FUTURE!" The newspaper advised people to stay inside or risk potential illness or even death. Jack and the gang made an executive decision to self preserve and isolate themselves in the studio to finish the clips you are about to hear. Jack stated "The world gets FUCT apparently, so why not show people what a good time in our era sounds like! Gang, we're gonna finish this damn record and it will rock!" Indeed it DID rock Jack....... Indeed.......

Specializes In: Swingin' Beats, Shindigs,

Intro and End Credit Songs. Rockabilly Screams, Heroic Lead Guitar, Podcast Intros

Location: Boston, USA

Nationality: American

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