27 original tracks from the one and only "King of Kong"! Clipdad had no idea Steve was such a talented musician and songwriter. Steve Wiebe is a wizard at jumping over barrels, smashing flames with hammers, saving the princess, and apparently at recording wonderful songs and clips that would be the perfect fit for travel videos, film soundtracks, end credits, intro music, and more! 

Specializes In: Good Vibes, Uplifting

Location: Redmond, USA

Nationality: American

Vampire Werewolf.jpg



Straight outta the crypts somewhere near Boston, this Clipdad howls! Specializing in Electronic Horror and dramatic themes. He is perfect for that spooky themed podcast intro or those ambient, dark moods. Buy his clip pack for "ready to go" clips

Specializes In: Electronic, Gaming Music, Cyberpunk

Location: Boston, USA

Nationality: American

Kenny Chambers

We here at Clipdad are absolutely stoked to have hook laden guitar virtuoso and songwriting wizard

Kenny Chambers on board! Still going strong as the frontman singer/guitarist of the seminal Boston punk trio 

Moving Targets, Kenny delivers some epic and cool instrumentals. Buy his 

clip pack for "ready to go" clips!

Specializes In: Indie Rock Sounds.

Location: Texas, USA

Nationality: American

On Tuesday, July 8th, 1986 there was a tragedy in the Berkshires, where a horrific fire struck the Tabernacle Church on Beech Street. As firefighters tried to put out the blaze, a driverless, black Z28 was spotted at the scene somehow unscathed from the inferno. When the fire was finally put out and the church was reduced to ash, the black Z28 had somehow vanished from the scene unnoticed. All that was left behind, and perfectly placed in the center of the parking lot was a red tape cassette labeled "Z28". There were no surivors. The tape contained these guitar riff heavy sound clips. Now? They are available here and Clipdad himself is more than happy to edit these clips or add voice over built to your specifications! (and probably cursing his soul in the process).

Specializes In: General Mayhem, 

Heavy Riffage, Metal

Location: Unknown

Nationality: Unknown

  Ian Clark

Clipdad has been a giant fan of Boston

Punk fixture Ian Clark for many years now. Ian is a multi-instrumentalist that 

has played in many cool Boston bands. Ian's guitar solos are blistering and his drums are explosive. 

His clips will make you want to rage into the night and smash bottles against a brick wall! These clips are perfect for powerful intros and dramatic end credits.

Specializes In: Punk Rock Sounds.

Location: Boston, USA

Nationality: American

Jonathan Burke

Jonathan has had enough of the cubicle life. So? He decided to break that rusty cage and claw, bite, and roar his way back into the jungle of sound where he belongs. Specializing in dynamic electronic music, his clips are perfect for 

soundtracks, Twitch streams, credits, sci-fi stuff, cyberpunk moods, robot movies, and all kinds of cool stuff! 

Specializes In: Electronic Sounds, 

Experimental, Cyberpunk

Location: Boston, USA

Nationality: American

Lou Barlow

Lou Barlow is an indie rock legend. With a quirky style to everything he does, Lou's sound is undeniably his and impossible to duplicate. Sebadoh and Dinosaur Jr. are Clipdad's favorite bands of all time, so his heart skipped a beat when Lou agreed to be a Clipdad. These tracks are so cool it's like they are from another dimension, but also grounded in a nostalgic humanity that makes you long for the past and excited for the future. Amazing clips ready for podcast intros, artsy youtube videos, credit scenes, and title sequences!

Specializes In: Indie Rock Sounds, Experimental Music.

Location: Greenfield, USA

Nationality: American

Félix Joia has a worldly guitar tone and a sweet vocal quality that makes you feel like you just took a dip in a stream by a tropical rain forest with your favorite honey! In other words? It's heavenly! The perfect clips for a travel vlog or youtube vacation video. 

Specializes In: Custom Music Clips, 

Good Vibes

Location: Paris, FR

Nationality: French

Félix Joia

 Lenny Dinardo

Lenny Dinardo owns a World Series Ring! 

(Won it in '04 with the Boston Red Sox). The "lanky lefty" also pitched for the A's and the Royals in the majors. Almost as impressive as his collection of nasty pitches? His collection of beautiful guitars! Lenny actually has a guitar from the time of Abe Lincoln! We are thrilled here at to work with Lenny and pickup some of his wonderful music clips. From warm, finger picking acoustic goodness, to loopy and melodic angular lines on the vintage electrics. Lenny goes where his passion for playing and music takes him. These clips are great for travel vlogs, down home vibes, even angular psychedelic moods! 

Specializes In: Finger Picking Acoustic Guitar, Looping Electric Guitar

Location: Rhode Island, USA

Nationality: American

It was March 25th, 1959 in Boston, MA. Jittery Jack and his swingin' band of rockabilly ne'er do wells were laying 

down their hip new album in their own studio, when there was a sudden loud noise like a lightning crack! Then the studio shook and the power went out. 

The studio went pitch black and 30 seconds later the lights and amps came back on and the studio was back to normal. The band went outside to see what happened and were shocked by the world they were witnessing. People were walking around with what appeared to be tiny television sets in their hands, the cars looked like spaceships, and people had white masks on their faces. The guitarist of the band, "Miss Amy", grabbed a newspaper off the stand. The date on the paper was "March 25th, 2020"

and apparently there was some sort of virus sweeping the land. She said "Oh shit, I think we're in the FUTURE!" The newspaper advised people to stay inside or risk potential illness or even death. Jack and the gang made an executive decision to self preserve and isolate themselves in the studio to finish the clips you are about to hear. Jack stated "The world gets FUCT apparently, so why not show people what a good time in our era sounds like! Gang, we're gonna finish this damn record and it will rock!" Indeed it DID rock Jack....... Indeed.......

Specializes In: Swingin' Beats, Shindigs,

Rockabilly, Heroic Lead Guitar

Location: Boston, USA

Nationality: American

Demian Slade

Demian Slade creates beautiful compositions on his trusty piano. These clips are in the neoclassical genre and perfect for those dramatic movie scenes and melancholic moments of the silver screen. They are touching, emotional pieces that would definitely be a fitting memorial for a loved one. We here at are incredibly happy to have a talent like Demian on board! Demian's experience in and around the film industry of Hollywood has proven to be a wonderful inspiration for these perfect "film ready" audio clips! 

Specializes In: Custom Music Clips, 

Intro and End Credit Songs. Classical Sounds, Soundtracks

Location: Los Angeles, USA

Nationality: American


Fusionado is a cybernetic bounty hunter roaming the universe. There's an interesting texture to his music with a dark and spacy atmosphere. There are gothy moments with minor chords, and proggy tones with synth and experimental bits. These clips are a perfect fit for horror movies, sci-fi, youtube, or credit scenes.

Specializes In: Eerie Vibes, Minor Chords,  

Proggy Tones, Experimental Guitar

Location: Unknown

Nationality: Unknown

Helmon Key has ridden his Harley all the way from Hell  (where he works as a lawyer for Heaven because he is a kind soul fighting to vouch for humanity). Helmon's clips are taken from eyewitness testimony tape recordings from the courtrooms of Hell. These are noisy, disturbing, and scary sounds.

Specializes In: Hellish Sounds, 

Screams, Frantic Vibes, Horror

Location: Hell

Nationality: American

Helmon Key

Martin's piano style is diverse and teeming with emotion and passion! Jazz for any mood! Clipdad met Martin in a dark and smoky jazz club in Paris. He was "wowed" by various gems of upbeat, boppy lines, somber melancholia, and groovy tones perfect for that podcast intro or travel vlog! These clips are great for films too! 

Specializes In: Jazzy Sounds, 

Mellow Vibes, Podcasts

Location: Paris, France

Nationality: Irish

Martin Moran

Rolling Stony

Rolling Stony is comin' atcha with some sometimes melodic, sometimes angular, sometimes punk, but ALWAYS CATCHY indie rock! Fresh off his luchbreak while slingin' those heavy stones and cement around. We are really excited to have the prolific "Stony One" on board over here. These tunes work great for podcast intros, theme songs, scene setups, or whatevs!

Specializes In: Indie Sounds, 

DIY Vibes, Podcast Intros

Location: Boston, USA

Nationality: American

Andrew Carr's music is electronic and epic. We are very excited to have Andrew on board because his music is very textured and melody driven with a deep atmosphere. These synthy electronic driven tracks are perfect for background music in films and documentaries, sci-fi, tech advertising, podcasts, and more! 

Specializes In: Electronic Sounds, 

Sci-Fi Vibes, Tech Intros, Science Docs

Location: North Carolina, USA

Nationality: American

Aaron Perrino

Aaron's Perrino's music is electronic and powerful. We are so stoked to have Aaron on board because this music is very cool and the song titles crack us up. "Melania Shower Scene" is our favorite! We here at Clipdad are also major "Sheila Divine" and "Dear Leader" fans from our Boston days. These synthy electronic tracks are perfect for podcasts, music in films and documentaries, and more! 

Specializes In: Electronic Sounds, 

Sci-Fi Vibes, Tech Intros, Science Docs

Location: Vermont, USA

Nationality: American

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