On Tuesday, July 8th, 1986 there was a tragedy in the Berkshires, where a horrific fire struck the Tabernacle Church on Beech Street. As firefighters tried to put out the blaze, a driverless, black Z28 was spotted at the scene somehow unscathed from the inferno. When the fire was finally put out and the church was reduced to ash, the black Z28 had somehow vanished from the scene unnoticed. All that was left behind, and perfectly placed in the center of the parking lot was a red tape cassette labeled "Z28". There were no surivors. The tape contained these guitar riff heavy sound clips. Now? They are available here and Clipdad himself is more than happy to edit these clips or add voice over built to your specifications! (and probably cursing his soul in the process).

Specializes In: General Mayhem, 

End Credit Songs, Heavy Riffage

Location: Unknown

Nationality: Unknown

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