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Clipdad's Review of Podcastics

Hi gang! We decided to try out a new podcast company for our podcast about royalty free music called The Clipdad Music for Projects Podcast which can be found on Apple Podcasts and my very own Podcastics website you can check out here. My love for podcasting was fully cemented around 2011 with my favorite podcast ever, The Lavender Hour. Then followed the JRE, Marc Maron, and hundreds more. I couldn't stop listening and the next natural progression was to try to start one myself. I mostly used Soundcloud as the host of my RSS feed and I was so excited to be on Apple Podcasts and other streaming sites. My podcast was pretty scattered and I interviewed people across a wide array of interests and topics. I soon realized that I was spending 60 dollars per month for 4 different podcasts and I wasn't getting a ton of value.

Now I have a few music podcasts on . It's great because it's free, but I've had a few problems arise on their platform and after a few weeks of no response? I decided to delete my problematic episodes and just re-post them. Not too happy about that. Which brings me to my present hosting platform, Podcastics . FINALLY I found a company that is providing true value for me in podcast hosting. Podcastics is super easy and within a few hours I had my podcast set up, an RSS feed created, a snazzy custom website with a player AND my podcast got approved by Apple in record time! (It was approved overnight).

The staff over at Podcastics has been super attentive and prompt in their customer service and the answering of my questions. I've been out of the podcast game for a few years, so I needed to get caught up with some of the new developments with social media integration. The staff has given me some guidance in this area and explained to me about an awesome feature, the QR code. The QR codes are very handy and easy tools to direct listeners to my podcast places.

Probably the most impressive thing about Podcastics is my included free website. It was a super easy process to incorporate my podcast colors (blue and sandy yellow), original artwork, link icon to Apple, link icon to the RSS feed, and a direct link to my music for podcasts website . There are also show notes, pictures, a review section, tags, and so much more. When I say this website and player is snazzy? I'm totally serious. This player is beautiful to stare at. I was able to completely customize it and vibe with the aesthetics of my company colors.

Probably the most pivotal aspect of Podcastics, is the access to in depth analytics (as featured in the picture attached). Today, analytics are the key to podcasting success. My other podcasts on and Soundcloud don't provide analytics anywhere close to the level Podcastics provides. These in depth analytics are key in figuring out where to focus my efforts geographically, device wise, social media wise, SEO wise, and much more. I now know what time to release my episodes and what time of the day people will be "tuning in".

I highly recommend Podcastics and they are free to try out. If you sign up using this link, that would be amazing and I can receive a referral bonus from my favorite company in podcasting right now ; )

Keep podcasting free and wild and rock on!

Rob Endo


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