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Clipdad's Tactics on How to Record a Phone Call Using an Android or older Iphone and a Computer.

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Of course... Clipdad WOULD NEVER endorse recording a phone call WITHOUT the approval of the person you are recording. As a matter of fact? It may be AGAINST THE LAW in your country or area. (I live in France and it is definitely against the law here to record a phone call without the knowledge or consent from the person that is being recorded.) Of course? Clipdad WOULD NEVER do that. Not in a billion years!..... Anyhoo.... Moving along now....This tactic is great for recording phone interviews for podcasts or radio or (anything else). If your own audio or part of the phone conversation is important to you? You can just record it on a separate audio recorder or smartphone and later join it to the other persons audio via a free program like "Audacity". But sometimes? We just want to record the VERY INTERESTING things that the person on the other line is saying. (Clipdad loves CAPITAL LETTERS btw......) You can also buy things like mono audio splitters/cables and more cables to do a better, more technical job. Maybe I will write another post about that later. But for now? You will need a few items in addition to your Android or Iphone to get started......

Items Include:

1. An audio cable that is 1/8th Male Stereo on both ends. (With the two stripes, NOT the 3 stripes/microphone part).

2. A pair of headphones to plug into your headphone jack on your computer to listen to the person you are talking to.

3. An audio recording/mastering program like "Audacity" which is free.

4. (optional) Another smartphone to record your own audio.


1. Plug the audio cable into your phone's headphone jack.

2. Plug the other end of the audio cable into your computer's microphone jack (usually to the left of the headphone jack).

3. Plug your headphones into the headphone jack of your computer.

4. Download Audacity or a similar program.

5. Open Audacity and hit the record button.

6. You may have to adjust your sound and recording settings in "Control Panel" to activate the mic jack and have the computer recognize Audacity as the sound recording program.

7. Call up a friend and make a few test recordings to make sure everything is picking up ok and volumes are cool. You may have to prop up the phones internal microphone (that you will be speaking through similar to when you are doing speaker phone) on some books to be heard, etc.

8. Enjoy your new hobby of recording phone conversations!

(You can eventually learn how to splice together your audio recorded on a separate smartphone/recorder's microphone when you learn about Audacity and mixing stereo to mono)

I hope this helps! If you need any free music for podcasts or phone interviews or whatever? Please feel free to go to

Enjoy! Thanks for Reading!


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