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How to Permanently Delete Your Facebook Profile in 3 Steps.

How to permanently delete your Facebook profile in 3 steps.....

Step 1. Have somebody else you trust change your password to something you won't know.

Step 2. Have them log you in, then schedule your account for "deletion" (not "deactivation").

Step 3. Then? Never log into that email account that you used to sign up with Facebook again. Or? Block Facebook from sending you emails. They will try to make it easy for you to change your password through the backdoor links in your emails. In a moment of weakness, you most certainly will log back in. This process "should" take around 90 days. I've only known of one person able to have a profile permanently deleted. Me? I've just admitted defeat and I'm "all-in" with Facebook and the ability for them to manipulate my emotions very easily. I LOVE the dramatic and brief "ups" of social media addiction. Those quick little dopamine hits.... Then? When the long, painful, downhill fall happens? I will eagerly await those little dopamine hits and quick reliefs from the overall emotional anguish and anxiety that social networking creates...(think about it).....

Good luck and godspeed!


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Rob Endo
Rob Endo
25 de abr. de 2020

I think everybody has it.... they are just too brainwashed to admir


24 de abr. de 2020

I thought I was the only one who had anguish and anxiety when Facebooking.

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