top of page Asks The Podcast Lawyer Gordon Firemark A Few Questions About Royalty Free Music

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

We here at were extremely stoked to talk to a personal hero of ours, and that hero is The Podcast Lawyer (TM) himself, Mr. Gordon Firemark. Eight months ago I started this royalty free music website and I needed to learn FAST about how royalty free music worked for podcasts. Gordon's Youtube channel was an absolute guiding light that I leaned on to get going. His expertise in how music relates to podcasting, film, and radio laid down the groundwork for us to have the confidence to kick this project into gear. A twelve year veteran as a podcast host of the Entertainment Law Update podcast, Gordon has aired over 127 episodes, which puts him in the "podcast pioneer" bracket. We talk about some great topics in this interview such as royalty free music for podcasts, and the The Joe Rogan Experience,, and Megaphone deals with Spotify. I had a blast talking to Gordon and I learned a ton about this ever-changing and booming podcast industry! Check out Gordon's website at for more information about podcasting and royalty free music! Thanks for reading and watching and enjoy the podcast episode!

- Rob Endo of

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