Léa was the first primate to create original piano music. 

It was Paris, France in 1998 and Dr. Bisset, (the world's premier authority on primates at the time) tirelessly worked with this highly intelligent ape to prove that primates could create beautiful art. Here it is over 20 years later and Léa is still composing stunning piano compositions! 

Specializes In: Classical, Film Scores

Location: Paris, France

Nationality: French

Insterstellar pop star Janie Prism has floated down to earth to deliver you these totally stellar clips! Janie's clips are perfect for party and dance vibes.

Specializes In: Dance Upbeat, Party Vibes, Neodisco

Location: Zebulon

Nationality: Zebuling

Janie Prism

Catwoman comes straight from the trees to bring you these punk clips.

They are perfect for upbeat tones and powerful vibes. Catwoman is for animal rights and world peace.

Specializes In: Powerful Tones, Punk and Rage Tones

Location: Treetown, USA

Nationality: American

Catwoman 2020

  Michelle Yi

Michelle Yi is an amazing artist. Armed 

with her trusty Erhu, Michelle makes music that is sweeping, epic, and 

beautiful. Music is Michelle's life. She enjoys making music that blends her Asian roots with modern recording and advanced technology. Michelle is a software engineer for a gaming company

Specializes In: World Music

End Credit Songs, Erhu

Location: Seattle, USA

Nationality: Chinese/American

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